About us


We are a small Canadian software and web development company with a clear focus of providing remote emergency web, server, app and support services by the day or half day rate, and additionally providing quality complete web and systems development to start ups and small business.

Many small companies these days do not have the resources to hire their own full time developer, and when they do, the experience they bring often doesn't measure up to the tasks at hand.

Operating by a primary principle. Integrity. Frequently we see developers and engineers forget this very important word. From dealing with hundreds of small business clients, we understand that many of them lack the complete understanding of what the nerds are doing. Our goal is to learn very quickly about your specific software or code problem, convey to you in a simple manner the way we intend on fixing this problem, and deliver what we tell you with integrity.

Small enough to not let problems get lost in the machine, our CTO/CEO Robert is hands on with every project. Overseeing a small team of application specialists, we are able to work with countless platforms, API classes, server configurations, CRM Suites and SAAS offerings.

Fix or Modify Current Site

If your current IT professional has flew the coop, or you're just in need of a quick fix where your current person can't.

Code Investigation

Need another set of eyes on your code? PHP, Laravel, Codeigniter, Symphony, HTML and many more.

Spam and E-Mail Issues

Need to get control of your inbox? Spam out of control, or you need DNS updates to make sure your mail goes through?

Server Migration or Issues

Need your site migrated to another location? Want to upgrade your Linux or Windows servers?

Emergency ServicesIf you need it NOW, we can help.

We are focused on providing clients with a reliable and fast developer who can handle all types of problems that may arise with your technology. We're full stack developers, which means we can handle everything from simple HTML code issues, to complex database or linux server issues and everything in between.

ConsultingPerfect mix of business acumen and technology insight.

Too often small businesses let their technology guys work on projects that they don't fully understand. There's often a disconnect between business and code. We have the knowledge and experience to link those two crucial items in a plan that's right for your business.